Lost Limbs Amputation

We appreciate how amputations can affect all aspects of your life. Our specialist teams have a wealth of experience in helping people get the treatment and compensation they deserve to help come to terms with the challenges that await.

Amputations can take various forms such as :

Leg amputations
Hands, fingers or thumbs

If your ordeal is as a result of somebody else’s negligence, then they should be held accountable. Inaaya solicitors specialist teams have a wealth of experience in dealing with amputation and lost limbs claims. If you or your loved one has had to suffer with a lost limb we can help claim the compensation you deserve, no matter what situation you were injured in, whether that was in a road traffic accident, working with faulty machinery at work or as a result of medical negligence.


We have years of experience in helping people in your position. We work with specialist service providers and medical experts across the whole of the UK to ensure you get the best treatment and service you deserve. We deal on a no win no fee basis and a compensation claim can help pay towards:

Medical costs
Treatment for phycological affects
Further treatment
Prosthetics and further surgery
Adaptations required for your home or vehicle.
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